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Things you should be aware of:

Been searching for a livewell or live bait well to fit your needs and keep running into dead ends? Search no more!!!

Muskie Livewell Recovery Tank

     Challanges with Livewells and Live Bait Wells that are on the market

  • Finding a Livewell or Bait Well that will fit the dimensions you require.

  • Plastic molded Livewells (1/16" to 1/8"thick) do not take the water weight and will crack.

  • No hatch lid, just an open top, water will splash all over.

  • Fiberglass or Aluminum Livewells and Bait Wells are not insulated.

  • Top side weight will stress and buckle the livewell causing them to split apart.

  • No one to guide you through the installation process if you need help or have questions.


These are common challenges we hear from many frustrated boat owners who are in search of a Livewell or Bait Well they can be confident in.

   Custom Livewells are manufactured from a 3/8" thick PVC product which is:

  • Insulating (R9 value) so water will stay fresh and cool longer in your Livewell or Bait Well.

  • Resistant to heat up to 184 degree's, gasoline, oil, fuel treatments and batttery acid.

  • Extremely strong and durable so the Livewell or Bait Well will take the water weight.

  • Welded together to seal up. No splitting or leaking guaranteed if used as intended.*

  • Rigid and durable so your Livewell or Bait Well will take the top side weight

  At Custom Livewells we believe that preparation and communication are the keys to success:

  • We provide experienced support and guidence through the ordering proccess so you can be confident in your design. 

  • We provide experienced support and guidence during the installation process if you need assistance from us.

At Custom Livewells we take a high level of pride and integrity in building quality products. We are certain that you will be ecstatic about your Livewell or Live Bait Well Tank if you choose to order from us.

Livewell for Bass fishing
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