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Muskie recovry tank
Custom Built Livewells for Fishing Boats

  Custom Livewells are all custom built to the dimensions and specifications you require. We only construct your livewell or bait well once your order is placed. There is no shelf life with any of our livewells and bait well tanks. 


  All Custom Livewells are constructed of 3/8" thick insulated PVC that will hold up to the elements and abuse the livewell will receive from water and top side weight of your decking or benches.


  As you can see all Custom Livewells come with a hatch lid to seal up so the water will not splash all over when your boat is on the move or on rough waters.


  We weld all Custom Livewells which is stronger than the PVC itself, so be confident that our livewells will fulfill your needs and will not crack or leak. It is recommended that you install your livewell or bait well in the bench or under the casting deck of your boat or pontoon, however if a portable livewell design is what you are after we can provide that as well.

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