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How we got our start

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My sons and I love to fish and hunt.  Actually, we live to fish and hunt! For many years we used a cooler for a livewell which worked okay, however, it was always in the way and filling it with a bucket got old fast. Also, when we were on rough waters or on the move we always had water splashing all over our boat. What a pain and a lot of work.


We decided to install a livewell in our boat and began searching the internet and sporting goods stores for the right livewell or live bait well to fit our needs and design. All we found were cheap plastic molded boat livewells with no top or lid. Feeling like we had no other option, we decided to buy one of these molded tanks and installed it under the back bench. We still had water splashing all over the boat and the cheap material the livewell was made of cracked after just 3 years. It seemed everyone we talked to expressed the same challenges with their livewells.


We decided to build our own livewell. After over two years of searching, research and testing we found a lightweight, insulated and extremely durable material that was perfect to use. The people we came in contact with on the lakes and rivers were so impressed with our livewells that they began asking us to make livewells for their boats.

We started taking orders and a Custom Livewell & Bait Well business was born.

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