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You can customize your boat to fit a livewell or bait well.


You can customize your livewell or bait well to fit your boat.

Custom Built Aquarium Livewell Bar

Freshwater or Saltwater

Charter Bait Well Tank

Livewells & Live Bait Wells Built to fit your specifications.

   Custom Livewells are constructed of an insulated PVC which is, light weight and extremely strong. Use them as a bench, to support your deck or as a free standing unit. Designed for durability and strength by a fisherman for fishermen.

   Custom Livewells are built to take the rough conditions any body of water can dish out. Once properly installed in your boat, the livewell or live bait well tank becomes as rugged and rigid as your boat.

Whether you're a professional fisherman or a weekend warrior, there is no better way to keep your fish or bait alive.

   Custom Livewells can be easily installed. Customers have installed their livewells and live bait wells for fish in aluminum boats, wood boats, fiberglass boats, jon boats, pontoon boats, skiffs, air-boats, bass boats and kayaks. However if you are not a do-it yourselfer and prefer to have a shop install your livewell or live bait well, provide us their address and we’ll ship it directly to them.

   Custom Livewells can be free standing or a portable tank, however the intended use for the livewells and live bait wells is to be installed in a bench, or under the deck of the boat.

   Custom Livewells complete line of livewells and live bait wells come with a hatch lid so water won't splash all over when you are on the move or rough waters.

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