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    Custom Livewells has a complete line of livewells and live bait well tanks which are all custom built.

All of our tanks are designed to improve water flow, and keep water cooler longer to increase oxygen levels.

The 3/8" thick welded PVC construction makes your livewell or live bait well a boat accessory you’ll have for years to come.

   Custom Livewells complete line of livewells, live bait well tanks and storage units

are designed for durability and strength by a fisherman for fishermen.



Let us know what you’re after and we’ll help you customize the right design.




 Install a Livewell
These are not the cheap plastic livewells
without a top or lid you see everywhere!!! 

Custom Livewells 

are perfect for any type of fish,crappie,stripers, bass, pan fish, walleye, catfish, muskie, northern pike and any other fish in freshwater or saltwater.




 More to come. If you are in need of something let us know.